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Marketing Research

July 1, 2007 | Comments Off on Marketing Research


Live Study – Response From Diana

After taking the weekend to think about her goals, I received the following email from Ms. Derval:

Dear Philip,
I come back to you concerning our business plan.

In fact, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and my main motivation is to be recognized worldwide as a marketing guru (like Kotler for example). For that reason, I want to sell as much books as possible. My reference is Guerrilla Marketing from Levinson, who sold 1,000,000 copies in 5 years at 20$. If a publisher is interested it would be great for our credibility and the next books (as a guru, I will have to publish regularly!).
My business objective is also to get Market Research missions for my company Derval Research and Lecture assignments – By the way, Im happy to announce you that since today Im Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Wales MBA/Robert Kennedy College :D
Here are my hard and measurable goals for the business plan, quite conservative for the first year. What do you think?

  • Start-up Capital: $1,050
  • Project Book sales in first year: 7,000 books
  • Gross Sales: $118,000
  • Contribution Margin: $80,000 (This number is the gross sales less the direct costs to print and sell the 7,000 books)

I think Dianas done a good job so far identifying her goals. However, we do not have a detailed promotional plan in place and over the next few weeks we will create one while she finishes up the English translation of her book. Another point Diana and I will discuss in our meeting this week will be the need to include all start-up costs, i.e. book design, editing, translation etc. The $1,050 she has listed is for printing her books and does not include all the costs associated with getting her book to market.

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