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SEO Blogging Software – Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

March 26, 2012 | Comments Off on SEO Blogging Software – Give Credit Where Credit Is Due


By Kenneth Middleton

At one point in time SEO blogging software was given a really hard time; today this software is so highly developed that it is able to give credit wherever credit is due. Let us explain this a little further.

SEO blogging software basically takes already existing content and/or even images and uses them to create automated content for refreshing your own blog with similar content. Some content owners get freaked out about this and don’t like the fact that automate blogs make these copies, they want something different to be used so that no copyright infringement exists. We are talking about plagiarism here.  

We also have to remember, that all writers get their ideas from other writers, unless what they are writing about is autobiographical. However, that having been said, technology has advanced to such a degree for SEO blogging software, that attribution can even be given to credit to the content owners, and it can be important to them for the software do this. What most content owners don’t realise is that when an excerpt is grabbed by the software from the RSS feed, it actually points to the original content and creates a valuable link. So, credit is being given, where the credit is due.

Anyone who has link-building experience knows that this is a good thing. It is a simple matter to build generic back-links to a website homepage. The difficulty lies in building deep links from home or other pages which contain applicable content and keywords. Where this is possible, SEO software can connect the dots and create the deep links, so, it will include tags and targeted categories from the original author when adding the post. This supplements attribution to the original website and the software has other ways of doing this too.

It may be able to extract the description, source name, logos, author, links and even copyright details.  It offers HTTP retrieval customization for referrer and user agent, identifies aggregators, sets RSS cache times, and adds blacklist to exclude certain authors. Some writers or bloggers just don’t care about those valuable back links or deep links, and don’t want your blog to use any of their content, so, exclusion is viable too.  Without going into too much detail, there is also much more that can be done to benefit original sources.

Obviously the designers of SEO Blogging software have had a number of years to iron out the creases and tweak programmes to be more user friendly, but also to get rid of their ‘spammy’ reputation, and create programmes that do add value. The only thing that really needs to be overcome is the mindsets in certain circles regarding this software. At no point in time does is claim to be a be all and end all for bloggers, but it does claim to be a valuable marketing tool, and quite rightly too.