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Website Content Software – Common Mistakes For New Users

March 5, 2012 | Comments Off on Website Content Software – Common Mistakes For New Users


By Kenneth Middleton

While website content software is designed for ease of use, and is an incredibly useful tool to achieve marketing leverage, there are certain ways to use this software, and therefore also common mistakes that are made by both new and old users.  We will just take a look at a few common mistakes to give you the opportunity to see what it is that you shouldn’t do.

The first and biggest mistake is copying the entire Internet!

The World-Wide-Web is über-massive, it is so large and so filled with content that it is hard to measure where it all begins and ends. New content is being uploaded every day in the thousands if not in the millions, and the single most stupid mistake noobies make is the desire to copy too much content too soon. It is understandable that they want do this in their enthusiasm, and the hopes of driving mega-targeted traffic to their sites.

This strategy never lasts. The site becomes a massive ‘red-flag’ for search engines and they leave it alone, firm in the belief that the site is growing inorganically – too big, way too fast! Too much content also dilutes keyword focus, and will not rank any site high in any particular niche. In other words it literally gets lost in a maelstrom of words. The best strategy to use is to grow a specialised targeted niche; nice and slowly over some time. Website content software and WordPress are designed to do this for you.

 Copying complete articles is another big mistake; for the short term this may work to drive targeted traffic to a website, but there are copyright infringements to take into consideration. Keep on doing this and other writers may get really annoyed; take you to court, or even worse, report you to Google as being spammy.

That will put paid to any progress, and a DMCA notice to your webhost is not a pleasant thing to have to deal with. If a content author tells you to cease and desist, better make sure you do this, or better still, only copy experts of articles. Your website content software is designed to help you with this. Short excerpts are considered to be ‘fair use’. It is how you aggregate content that makes it useful to your web site or blog, not taking the complete article and plagiarising it.

Content spinning is a very amateurish mistake, and one of the biggest that anyone can make. It rarely results in completely organic content, and humans – the people reading your articles – are able to spot this quite easily. Most will leave your site in disgust, never to return again. They will not be lingering long enough to become a part of your targeted audience.

Also try to prevent offering content that is not useful, not giving credit where this is due, being dishonest, and not thinking of long term quality as well as ignoring design.