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Blog Content – Big Bore or Marketing Maniac?

November 10, 2011 | Comments Off on Blog Content – Big Bore or Marketing Maniac?


By Kenneth Middleton

If you are still questioning yourself; “to blog or not to blog”, it is also time to ask yourself a very important question – “could your online business be doing better?” If the answer to this question is “yes”, then, this definitely answers the question. Using blog content has proven to be a big bore marketing tool, but the big problem is, it is also a big bore writing blogs too.

This is a very time consuming project; content needs to be updated every day, and if you have heard that as a marketing tool the blog is overrated, this type of statement is only put out by marketers who are more than likely your competitors. The unassuming blog is not going to die an ignominious death any time soon, it is not overrated, and it does provide immense commercial exposure to a largely targeted market. There is tons of evidence online, of huge success in business from the use of simple blog content tactics.

It has become essential for bloggers to keep content fresh and informative because search engine algorithms demand this. They are seeking out organic content, so, the better the information in the blog comes across, essentially, the more attention it attracts. The more attention it receives from search engines, the more attention it automatically receives from potentially targeted visitors. The raw power of a good blog which is kept eternally fresh can never be underestimated.

The online marketer is by the nature of the expanse of the internet, exposed to a global marketplace – it’s like shopping without borders. So, there are millions of websites on the WWW! For your little website to be noticed amongst millions, it has to be made noticeable; good blog content is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways of bringing your product to the attention of the world. Maximizing the potential of this exposure makes both good commercial and financial sense.

Keeping content fresh and useful is huge bore for many weblog originators, but has proven to be a marketing maniac. It is like using a very large gun to fire at a very large target – nuclear marketing war if you like, so, the effort has to be made. To help the marketer split the blogging atom, automated content can be used to save both time and money as well as beef up exposure. This is perhaps fodder for another article, but will give you food for thought in the meantime.

Remember the more blogs you have on the WWW, the more commercial exposure this means, but only at considerable time and expense. Management can become a headache without any help from outside agencies, but continuity can be maintained with the right help and there are various options available.