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Automate Content – An Altogether Easier Way to Manage a Blog or Two or Three

October 20, 2011 | Comments Off on Automate Content – An Altogether Easier Way to Manage a Blog or Two or Three


By Kenneth Middleton

Most blog originators who have come to the conclusion that blogging really works as an essential marketing tool, are also the originators of more than one weblog. They may have five or even ten blogs running, and by now they also know that they need seriously structured help to keep up the momentum of adding new and fresh content on a daily basis. These are commercial blog administrators who manage multiple sites, and they don’t have a great deal of time on their hands left for anything else. In fact they may not even have sufficient time to manage this existing business.

Multiple blog management means pressure on time and pocket-book, when daily updates can actually be managed by automate content software applications. Short of paying for writers, using up valuable time, and having 3rd parties access a blog; automated content is a brilliant as well as highly flexible, single option for multiple sites.

Automate content generators update blog material with RSS fed facts. They do this with little input from the blog manager or administrator. This content is kept up-to-date in terms of user-defined, set key-word parameters, which makes it an immensely flexible tool that has proven to be convenient as well as user friendly. Because of these predefined keyword settings, the blog manager can rest assured that any content posted will hit the marketing sweet-spot in terms of targeted audience, back links, and other Search Engine compliant features.

There are various choices of software available, none of it needs to be locally installed and is managed with an internet connection, from anywhere at any time. Not every marketing budget has the same depth of pocket, so there are various service levels to choose from, and even free accounts are available within certain products. Take BlogOverdrive for example; the free account allows for 60 posts. Anything for free is a bargain – you get to try before you buy and upgrading is a breeze.

A stale blog is a dead blog and just like most things that die, it is virtually impossible to resuscitate them. They have to be fed every day and can honestly turn out to be like the plant in A Little Shop of Horrors. Despite the fact that blogs are brilliant marketing tools, writing material is tedious exercise to say the least, and SEO writers can be expensive as well as horrors to use.

To stop your blog from fading like last weeks flowers; automate content and make it possible to spend at some time away from your business, while your dream continues to thrive. This software will lighten the load and make a very welcome addition to business and management tools. As brilliant as blogs may be, they also have the potential of becoming a logistic nightmare.