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Automate Blog Content Solutions – Keep Away the Blog Blues

August 22, 2011 | Comments Off on Automate Blog Content Solutions – Keep Away the Blog Blues


By Kenneth Middleton

While it is unlikely that the cactus plant on your computer-stand will make you money – you need more than one cactus to make Tequila, according to a wise old Mexican folk-tale. Plants and blogs are rather similar in nature, if you don’t take care of them, they will both wither and die, although both can make you money if you at them from the right angle. It takes a lot to kill a cactus, but it will eventually die if it is sufficiently neglected, and so will your blog. Only probably much faster, and the death of your blog will likely be more painful and more sadly mourned.

How to Avoid Your Marketing Efforts Ending-up in the Blog Burial Ground

Why not consider the fact that you can automate blog content to keep away the blues? Manual blogging can be tedious for the budding entrepreneur, and at best if you cannot do it yourself, you will have to hire a writer. Writers do not come free of charge – feeding your site a fresh daily diet of words; works out to be expensive in the long term. Writing the content yourself might also mean hiring a writer to polish the turds of your efforts; to turn them into something that will positively impact the bottom line.

Regular, informative updates are essential for any weblog success, but the million dollar question is “how can this be made easier?” Automate blog software is the answer in the case of this particular eternal question, and could be just what you have been praying for. It keeps writing fresh, well fed, and also has the ability to send ratings sky-rocketing.

Intuitive, user-friendly software is designed to made a powerful impact and because it’s so easy to use, may be accessed from anywhere at any time, all that’s needed is an internet connection.

Weblogs are a simple, efficient, as well as accepted way to market products online, by generating money-spinning, targeted traffic. But and there is always a ‘but’, they have got to be managed correctly, with the emphasis on “managed”. When we automate blog content, this keeps material viable with only a little input from the user.

It uses RSS feeds as sources, which it employs and reformats, into current content to post. Very little intervention is required on the part of the blog owner, and this content still has the impact of powering a blog in overdrive. It is an extremely valuable resource for saving both time and money, while still remaining flexible about how content is used and presented.

Not having to pay a writer, or consume your own valuable time writing, can have a massive impact on the bottom line. For an owner with multiple blogs to manage, both time and expense are generally better put to use by building the business.