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Article Writing – The Dissemination of Marketing Material Has Changed

August 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Article Writing – The Dissemination of Marketing Material Has Changed


By Kenneth Middleton

The way marketing material is disseminated has changed a great deal over time and in particular with reference to the way products are marketed online. This has started a massive wave of article writing to facilitate the concept of “Article Marketing”. Picture it this way; in the old days when we still read newspapers – not all editorial content was “news” so to speak. Some of the editorial would be educational or informative pieces, not necessarily based on a product – men’s health, women’s health, fitness; that sort of thing. But always based on something interesting and informative with a lead-up to a particular product or service! The contributor of the editorial – in return for that copy; was allowed to leave a small by-line at the bottom of the page with more information and contact details. This is how products are marketed online today – not by flaunting the product “in your face” or subliminal messages.

Article writing is done with the purpose of disseminating information to engage existing and new markets. We no longer market A+BC Insurance company, by cold calling – although come companies still do, this is no longer an acceptable practice. The TV ad in the face of your favorite soapie is more inclined to annoy you than entice you to buy a product; but not if they make the ad unobtrusive, interesting and informative.

The website advertising cheap insurance for driving 16 year olds in the US; won’t market by telling you something you already know like: “insure them by law or suffer the consequences and tough luck – you have to pay”; they try to market by offering useful information that their site visitors can use, such as different laws for different states and how they apply. The same goes for property sales, cosmetics, cowboy boots, virtual servers, medicinal marijuana and sanitary towels! All of these products and everything you could possible name is marketed online by means of article writing.

Not only does this approach offer a unique perspective to potential new and existing customers – they feel they are getting more than just a product; but it has started up a whole new online industry and created a way for people to become self employed. Everyone and his aunty is trying to write articles for marketing purposes today; but things have already changed in this new industry too.

Article writing to market a product or series of products or websites or industries, is the one of the best ways to advertise these days; but you also have to find a good writer who understands SEO and will provide a good product at a good price. For a short point in time, all you had to do was mention a product time and again for it to get attention online. This is the kind of article writing search engine algorithms no longer search for; so you have to have ethical SEO article writing for the dissemination of any marketing or other material online these days.