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Adding blog content that works

March 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Adding blog content that works


There is just one thing that divides a successful blog from a non successful one – INTEREST. If your blog is interesting and appealing enough it will attracts visitors on its own no matter what the topic is. The only thing that gives a blog its identity is its content. And therefore, adding blog content that in interesting is the only way to go about it. Adding blog content does not mean that you need to stick to just one particular topic. The beauty of a blog is the fact that you can add information and articles on just about anything. So how does one make this work?

Tip 1: Make it light
Before you adding blog content to your website, you need to ask yourself one question. Would you like to read a thesis by someone on some theory that they have proved or would you rather settle down with a light novel that makes for quick and easy reading. In most cases the answer will be the later, the light novel. Now you have to ask yourself why most people who are visitors to your blog would be any different. There you go; there is your first clue. Your blog needs to be interesting and easy to read. This in itself will attract a lot of visitors.

Tip 2: Make it human
The human element always goes a long way when you are adding blog content. Imagine that you are talking with a friend when you are writing your blog. This in itself will change the tone in which you write it. Imagining that you are discussing a topic with a friend will personalise the blog and give you room to add jokes and funny comments about the topic. This aspect goes a long way in making the blog readable.

Tip 3: Address the reader
Another offshoot of adding blog content that is personalised is to speak directly to the reader, like you are having a one on one conversation with him or her. This too will keep the reader extremely interested in what you have to say as it will appear as if the article has been written especially for him or her. Keep it conversational. Avoid using a tone that appears formal and authoritative. Even if you are an expert on the subject your content should sound like you are discussing something not telling the reader how it should and should not be.

Tip 4: Add personality
Adding blog content to your website should give your blog a personality that distinguishes it from the rest of the blogs in its category. People should recognise your blog as something different not just one of the others. In order to be able to do this, you will have to visit other blogs in your genre and see how they are designed and the kind of information that they have up. See what they lack and try and implement those in your blog. This will go a long way in establishing a niche for your blog.