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May 19, 2007 | Comments Off on Add Add Business Content Executive Links News


Rupert BonehamScope: 0 images added, 0 images deleted, 1 words added, 0 words deleted, Word count: 307 Click EasyEdit to add to Rupert’s Page. Don’t see the EasyEdit button? Sign Up.

8th Place on Survivor: Pearl Islands
4th Place
on Survivor: All Stars
Million Dollar Winner of America’s Tribal Council

What we’ll never forget:

1. The pirate in him who stole the shoes of Morgan Tribe on Day 1 at the fishing village
2. The dress skirt that the Drake girls made for him
3. The tie-dye shirt
4. His obsession with the Hawaiian sling and how angry he got when Shawn almost lost it
5. His friendship with Sandra and Christa

What we want to forget:

1. His angry tirade as he shouted “WHO THE * VOTED FOR ME!”
2. His overconfidence that he was going to win no matter what.
3. Becoming short tempered at castaway Shawn Cohen after he lost the spear.

Best moments:

1. Winning a million dollars after viewers voted for him to win
2. Finding the spear after it got lost in the ocean

Worst moment:

Quoting: “I Cannot Believe This” in a sore loserish fashion after being voted out.


“Pirates pillage. Pirates steal. Pirates take advantage. We are pirates, so we pirated,”

“It’s done: I’m wearing a dress. I’m never gonna put them pants back on!”

“I’m coming out here to be the caretaker. I’m trying to make these people believe that there is no way they can get along without me, and I think I’m doing it, ”

“I’m Blackbeard.happy.happy.happy”

What did them in?

A secret alliance of Burton, Jon, Lillian, Tijuana, and Darrah, formed due to Burton and Jon feeling threatened by him (being too likeable)

Where are they now?

Rupert has since created his own charity for children and also has written a book.

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