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Captivating Content Design Builds Critical Appreciation

July 20, 2011 | Comments Off on Captivating Content Design Builds Critical Appreciation


By Kenneth Middleton

It is fortunate that solid content design is not at all hard to come by, what is not all that fortunate however is that it is rare that the administrator or owner of a site or blog can design or write content themselves. Getting this done is an additional cost and also a very necessary cost, because captivating content design does build critical appreciation. One of the biggest mistakes of many site owners is marginalizing contents’ critical role – throwing it in with the bigger picture and losing out in the end.

I don’t know about you, but I have seen many websites which appear as though they deserve my attention because they essentially look very good; then on closer inspection, when I get to reading the content I either get turned off right away and leave, or spend ages there reading the content so I can have a good laugh! The site is certainly not meant to be amusing, but by the same token I would never put my trust or my money near their products because the content design is so poor and I have no critical appreciation of the site, not has it built any credibility in me.

The long term benefits of constant professional input cannot be stressed sufficiently and is well worth the cost involved. The correct content design, undertaken by the truly professional writer has been known to turn the success of a failing site right around. Turn it into a sales star, by generating all the correct inbound links and traffic; achieving an avalanche of visitors from a targeted audience base.

There is no doubt about the fact that there is untold potential in the online market space, maximizing on this potential relies to a great degree on carefully structured content design. This is one area where no expense should be spared and getting into shape is key. Internet users are part of an “ad adverse” culture – this means they hate traditional advertising concepts and all that it means. They want useful, interesting information in exchange for their purchase of products and services. In fact they want to be treated like intelligent individuals and not like so many sheep.

Captivating content design cannot be purchased for nothing; everything comes at a price, and in this instance you will get what you pay for if you decided to go cheap. You will get people like me; mis-directed to your site and sitting there for ages looking for more things to laugh at and while we are being entertained by the Engrish. We will have no desire whatsoever to actually purchase the product. Only persuasive content with punch turns browsers into buyers. Internet users are using organic searches to seek out what they want, and there is a good deal of data available to prove to site owners that this is what sells. In this case bad attention is not better than no attention at all.