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Blog Content to Hit the Bulls-eye Every Time

July 9, 2011 | Comments Off on Blog Content to Hit the Bulls-eye Every Time


By Kenneth Middleton

Just as web content is a vitally important aspect of marketing online, so too is blog content. The Weblog is one of the one of the most important accidental marketing discoveries of our times (nearly as big as penicillin), and the power of the blog is able to hit the bulls-eye every time; but the blog owner also needs to have the right content.

From a purely social function weblogs have evolved into an online marketing tool which is nothing short of spectacular. However, just like any online marketing capability, managing the blog as a marketing marvel, means managing it effectively. Blogging is all hands on and anyone who says you get rich quickly online without doing any hard work is talking a crock-full-of-crap. Blog content forms the major part of managing the marketing aspect of this tool, which means changing and updating content all of the time, we are talking – daily.

Small social blogs are fine; there is no need for bloggers to start panicking. But for commercial blogs where multiple sites are used, the administrative aspect of marketing can become a virtual nightmare. Administrators are required to keep content fresh and may need the services of one or even more writers to keep them well supplied with daily fresh content. What constant and correct management can do for your business however is nothing short of uncanny.

For example: a customer is searching for VOC free paint and this is what you market, when they conduct a search for this paint, the better and more well informed the information supplied, the more inclined they will be to make a purchase. By the same token, if a mis-directed search for organic plant pots lands on your blog and that searcher stops to read – finding the information supplied to be interesting, informative and useful, they may bookmark the page. Then when they want to paint their plant pots in different colors – may well return and purchase your products. They may also forward the information onto friends or hopefully customers who they believe will find this blog content useful, attractive and helpful.

This is in fact the true power of blog marketing – the customer chooses where they go; blog owners don’t have to make use of intrusive marketing techniques and core demographics are addressed. Larger groups of targeted traffic can be reached and customers share information with selected receptive audiences without even being asked to share. Killer blog content will reach the heart of your market and it is this that is the bulls-eye.

Then there is also automated blog content and this is another matter entirely. So, that when that first site starts doing so well, you contemplate starting another; software packages can tap into RSS feeds and rustle up even more content. It’s true – and with very little additional management.