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Content Writer – If You Have It ALL Flaunt It!

June 28, 2011 | Comments Off on Content Writer – If You Have It ALL Flaunt It!


By Kenneth Middleton

If you are a website owner and you can write up a storm as well as manage an online business – you have got it ALL, so flaunt it. If you can’t write a stitch, or can but haven’t got the time, you are going to need a content writer. Search engine optimization (SEO) of websites and blogs is not an option today – it is a life or death necessity. SEO is the only way to increase the visibility of, and market a site or weblog.

“Targeted traffic” might sound like an internet buzz-word; that is OK, it is! However if you don’t have targeted traffic, your site may be the most visited site on the net, but sales will be few and far between. It is the amount of money made from targeted traffic that counts, not the amount of visits a site receives. People need to be interested in a product, and this is where the good content writer creates their niche and at the same time increases the visibility as well as sale-ability of a site and its products or services.

A great online marketing campaign is only as good as a content writer and they are a vital link of the chain for ROI (return on investment). The right content writer can make ROI painless as well as fast. But it is going to cost money, and it is for this reason we say if you have it flaunt it. Pour it all out on those pages you own and make sure you get it out every day; twice a day or even more if possible. How many sites or blogs do you own 20, I hear you say. So, conservatively speaking you are going to need to administer your sites or blogs and their business – and write at least 20 articles a day.

The reason for content writing and requiring a content writer is to disseminate information which will engage potential and existing markets. You have to spread the word for it to get out there that this is a great product and site. Existing customers need to be serviced and when good information is given away free, they take this advice and buy into the product. If the same information is there day after day, they will look for a site where information changes more regularly, because it is this constant change which captures their interest – no matter how brief. The same applies for expanding into potential new markets. If information changes and is updated regularly, this engages new and potential new customers who return to see what you can tell them; that will make them feel better about the way their hair/skin/erection looks today.

In the face of online marketing and how much money an internet business makes – the good content writer is part of the network between failure and success. Get the correct combination in place and spread the word in this new, improved and proven method of marketing online.