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Web Content Chaos – A Sea of Calm in the Eye of the Storm

June 16, 2011 | Comments Off on Web Content Chaos – A Sea of Calm in the Eye of the Storm


By Kenneth Middleton

There are some very choppy waters which need to be navigated in the administration of web content; particularly with regards to updates and changes – a veritable storm of site management; on perhaps even more than one site. The expense of hiring additional staff is generally a big burden to bear, especially in the face of the fact that these salaries will come out of your profits; if you are making any profits – is this a practical or an affordable solution?

Picture this situation…..

Your website has just received an order for an unpopular product – but a product you market anyway. The client has paid for it already by credit card and the money is all but in the bank. It is the largest single order of any other product you have sold at your site and the price is also three years out-of-date, and should have been updated…well… three times already. What do you do; in this Catch 22 situation?

Chances are you can push the E&OE ticket, possibly lose the order AND your reputation, keep the order and lose your reputation anyway, or allow the order to go through, while you keep your unscathed reputation, but financially you lose; may even have to pay something in. This is every online business owners’ worst nightmare and with full justification – it happens time and again when web content is not followed up – continually changed and updated.

The tragedy of it all is that this actually does not need to happen with the help of CMS – what we call content management systems. This software is ideal for all web content and management across one site or many. The choices are not all that limited; crash your bankroll and bottom-line even more by hiring a competent administrator; kiss your life goodbye and work 26 hours out of every 24, or make a once off investment on a web content management system.

These systems are eye in the middle of the storm of chaos which can ensue; don’t lose your rankings, visitors, customers and drown your site in a sea of obscurity. They are a web content life belts which don’t only save your site and the information it contains, but saves your profits; possibly even your sanity too. Today this system software is available in a variety of functionality and complexities, but most share some common features; the most important being to hand the website owner a lifeline for administration purposes.

Managing web content in this way is not particularly intrusive, despite the fact that these systems are both powerful and functional. The site owner doesn’t lose autonomy and the whole shebang does not fly on autopilot. These applications facilitate better and more simplified content control even across multiple sites and very large organizations.