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Writing Blog Content – Standing Out From the Crowd Tips

June 5, 2011 | Comments Off on Writing Blog Content – Standing Out From the Crowd Tips


By Kenneth Middleton

Whether your blog is up and running as a hobby or for a business, the one thing about writing blog content is it has to stand out from a really huge crowd. There is one important way to get this done – great content. There are new blogs popping up every day so, average won’t cut the mustard. Also bear in mind existing competition against well-established blogs, so, “excellence” is the aim of this game; to get your blog read and most importantly – avidly followed.

Traffic is obviously important, regardless of motivation, and the one golden rule is that “content is King”. Every writing blog standard we come across stresses this golden rule! It means jargon and technical terms are a no-no, unless the blog is posted for researchers in recombinant DNA. In which case you and the other 20 people interested in this subject will be on their own in that blog-sphere! Remember the aim of the blog is to capture mass interest. However if recombinant DNA is relative to marketing stem cell treatments, it is best to keep things in laymen’s terms.

The use of complex language or high-brow English will not win a multitude of followers and responses. Most internet users have an average reading level of high school English and find originators in blog writing, who think they are being impressive; totally boring. Keep it simple stupid, then, everyone can understand. Blogs are not literary pieces unless they are a “literary” blog. They are also not technical pieces and are supposed to read as though you were chewing the fat with a friend. The writing should flow, be friendly, inviting; with a peppering of important keywords in the ethical use of SEO. SEO is useful when the blog links to a site or when using it to market AdSense. Keyword stuffing is a thing of the past; it never made sense to human readers and still doesn’t – talk about a major yawn-fest! Keywords must be placed if and where they make sense.

o Writing blog content means imparting interesting information in short fits and starts to keep it interesting – make sure you use the full stop (.)….This is a very important piece of punctuation. Long …unbroken pieces of text are very difficult to read, even for people with superior reading skills. Use bullets, hyphens (-) short paragraphs, sub-headings and don’t forget to use pictures – a pic paints a thousand words; this is  candy. Everyone knows and likes little graphics and these break the monotony of the writing; ensuring that readers finish the piece. Holding interest does not only mean what the post is about.

Blogging is fun and very useful with the correct building blocks in place – there is nothing difficult about any of these tips we have offered for writing blog content. Follow these, master the art of great content and watch how your blog improves.