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Web Content Management System – Why Surrender to Automation?

May 13, 2011 | Comments Off on Web Content Management System – Why Surrender to Automation?


By Kenneth Middleton

Any Internet-based business has at its core; current, organized, informative, interesting and regularly changing content. Content in effect is king, and accurately keeping track off the content on many sites, can be confusing to say the least. This is where the web content management system comes in and keeps this information organized and accurate – preventing the break-down of order. Good content management systems are well worth the initial purchase price, we can see this because of their problem solving ability.

Inadequate housework at a web site or sites can cause a popular site to drop in ranking or struggling site to disappear into complete obscurity. Employing a person to keep operations in tip-top form is pretty as an ideal concept, but financial and even practical feasibility might not allow for this. Depending on how sophisticated a web content management system is, it is able to do just about everything except call up your wife and tell her you will be late home to dinner. Which you also won’t need to do with one of these systems in place; but we are also not expected to give over complete control. No website owner likes this idea!

The owner of the content management system will soon find that the software is an essential part of their web-based business. Human input is not done away with and keeping track of past and pending changes, across diverse environments is a collaborative effort between the software and the person working with it. Think of it like an über-efficient personal assistant. Much like my last boss sadly lost.

It is unobtrusive, yet integrates across all sectors; improving control of site content – marshals complex workloads and prevents the havoc caused by bottle-necks before they have chance to take place. Keeping large amounts of content current and by the same token effective, is a fundamental part of any internet facing business operation.

Most web content management systems facilitate the production of new content in a streamlined, decentralized way and then manages same. They don’t all operate at the same level or facilitate the same functions, but the same basic concepts apply; these include but are not limited to:

o New content production
o Both cross-site and in-site content uniformity
o Site flexibility and navigation is rationalized
o Superior data security
o Duplication control is enhanced
o Superior workflow speed

With these and other benefits of a web content management system, the potential for growth improves. The software is user friendly which translates into better overall control. The web site owner is essentially looking at a website or sites which offer the visitor a more informative and better site experience; better overall performance for the site, and the consequences of this is believed to be better rankings – the one thing all website owners have in common.