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The Right Blog Service to Feed Your Cash Cow

May 2, 2011 | Comments Off on The Right Blog Service to Feed Your Cash Cow


By Kenneth Middleton

When used in the correct way a weblog can genuinely turn into a cash cow, however there is a delicate balance in feeding the cash cow with the right information to keep it thriving. That the blog as a marketing medium works; is without doubt, but with this art being relatively new – measurables can be a problem. A good blog service can certainly get the ball rolling and ensure that what revenue comes back to the blog originator in the form of ROI (return on investment).

A blog service knows this art-form, and it has become an art-form to balance blog content and obtain the best possible exposure from it. It obviously has to be properly set up and practical, to receive maximum exposure for business purposes. Most successful weblogs today are set up as carefully calculated marketing campaigns and they also cost money to get started. Very few success stories in the “cash cow blog” category are ever simple coincidences; no matter the claims to the contrary.

The reason why the weblog works so well and why the blog service can be so vital to the growth and success of a business; is a blog by its very nature is reciprocal. The blogger writes a piece, others read it and respond. A positive response always works better than negation and it is for this reason that top quality material in the form of content needs to be used. While building a blog is a relatively simple process and can even be put up by the blogger for free; what the blog contains really matters. The blog-sphere is a self-regulating milieu and we know from this that bad blogs are buried fast.

Any content needs to be targeted, SEO, of a very high quality, make good sense, organic, informative, interesting helpful and above all – regularly changing. The blogger is responsible for all of this and it can be a daunting task, especially in the case where there is more than one site to maintain, where the purpose of the blogs is as ammunition in a marketing arsenal.

Both blog readers and writers know the real reason for this material being online – advertising. The difference between blogs and advertising however, is that, if the resource is real and it works – consumers will participate conscientiously; this in turn keeps the blog alive. For want of a better example, poker blogs are going crazy at the moment due to DOJ action taken against US online poker sites. Check out the twoplustwo blog it is a really good example of the reciprocal nature of a blog, where huge amounts of people participate, reciprocate and have their say. There are many good blog examples such as this, and this is how you want your blog to look – right?