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Web Content Management – A Competitive Edge in the Internet Space

April 15, 2011 | Comments Off on Web Content Management – A Competitive Edge in the Internet Space


By Kenneth Middleton

We could safely compare the internet space to a web battleground where complacency quite literally kills. Complacency kills in any other war zone and with as many as one hundred-thousand websites of a commercial nature (probably more) going live on a daily basis; getting attention for your site, very much means survival of the fittest. Web content management is therefore an essential marketing tool which offers your online business and website a vastly competitive edge. Competitive edge is key when you consider the almost immeasurable size of the online business space.

No business online rests on its laurels today – not even big brand names; no matter the brand! Every site worth its salt is compelled to actively market, as well as continually change, grow and recreate itself. It has also become essential that this evolution is a daily activity – there is no peace for the online presence. The bottom line is that there is no room for mistakes and this without a doubt means focused attention on web content.

Web content management means quality needs to be maintained and accuracy as well as related material counts all the time. Permanently maintaining web site content at this level is where many sites lose the plot and often become complacent out of despair. Expense is obviously an issue too and continually changing content and writing marketing material might mean employing additional staff, or at the very least a freelancer writer for dedicated daily web content input.

Like most things today, content may also be automated by software which is called content management systems (CMS). These systems differ quite widely dependent upon a particular industry need; but there are a few standard features which are consistent throughout. For example; optimized workflow, increased potential for growth, authoring efficiency, track changes, duplication control, consistency and even improved site navigation, as well as better archive integrity – without overly sacrificing autonomy. They are not dictatorial systems and operate more on a resource management principle – are collaborative and are designed to streamline workflow; make things easier for the website owner.

CMS dispenses with the need for additional staff, and therefore additional continual overheads; after the initial payment of course. The website owner need also not worry about control of finished products – web content management systems are optimized to operate at maximum efficiency levels, and any site owner who is struggling with a web based business would do well to at least investigate automated options. Any costs as far as the initial purchase is concerned will pay for itself time and again, and pay for itself quite quickly when considered against many potential benefits. These systems applications facilitate a better management outlook, whilst still allowing absolute control in terms of site management.