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Article Content – Reel In Relevant Traffic

March 18, 2011 | Comments Off on Article Content – Reel In Relevant Traffic


By Kenneth Middleton

When Casting Your Net Into WWW Waters

When you cast your net into the World Wide Web, you are not just fishing for grouper; you are fishing for relevant traffic. Unfortunately if your article content is not relevant or search engine optimized, you will reel in all kinds of rubbish – rubber boots, tin cans, all kinds of things, for want of a better analogy. And while it is great fun to count hundreds of thousands of “hits” and feel successful, these hits become a slap in the face, when none of the traffic spends money.

SEO/SEM Article Content

One of the most important duties of a website administrator is the maintenance of SEO/SEM ranking, which in turn means dedicated article content input. If the research figures are correct; 70% of all potential custom is lost if your website does not rank somewhere on the first two pages of search engine results. This is no mean feat and the search integrity of article content can mean the difference between ranking or not.

In the past we have seen the most amazing crap attempting to pass for website, blog or article content. In fact today I still see this at some sites. It makes me want to write them an email and, say “what, are you guys actually joking?” In all honesty, why spend money on a website if you are going kill it with content? It is the same as filling a tank with tropical fish and just not feeding them.

The only hits some of these sites get are from people like me who go there to have a good laugh, and send extracts to their friends, who will also laugh at stupidity. I do apologize, but we article content writers have a well developed sense of humor; it goes hand-in-hand with the job. Heck, we even look back at our own work and say “no…never…I couldn’t have written that – that’s not me?!

We do try to deliver nothing but the very best so, when we see no delivery at all, the first thing that springs to mind is “a fool and his money are soon parted”. We find it not surprising that so many online businesses crash; although this is mostly completely unnecessary.

SEO Means…

…the careful structuring of article content, web or blog content, to strongly support the originators marketing efforts. It means increasing visibility to a “targeted” market, not just so many fish in the pond – a specific type of fish.

Content that is correctly structured will be indexed by search engines correctly and receive the most amount of relevant attention. In this instance “relevant” means; maximum results from search attempts by people who are looking to purchase the product or service being sold. “Search Driven results” are what we are looking for, and the only way to do it, is by keeping content in tip-top shape.