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Is SEO Content An Effective Online Marketing Tool, Measured Against ROI?

March 10, 2011 | Comments Off on Is SEO Content An Effective Online Marketing Tool, Measured Against ROI?


By Ken Middleton

The Answer is YES!

Although not an easily measurable tool, being such a new concept; SEO content has proven to be an effective tool. In fact it is has proved to be nearly the most effective and cost effective marketing tool any internet marketing agency has available for use today – the first being email marketing.

Is SEO content cheap? The answer to that question is no! If an SEO content provider assures you that they will have you on the first page of a search in 12 months and it will cost you peanuts – don’t believe them, your results will also be peanuts. Online marketing is not a get rich quick fix. To be successful it takes just as much dedication, hard work and focus as any other business to get started. The beauty of an online business lies in the fact that anyone can do it and get started at very negligible cost. The onus remains with the originator of the site or blog to research, count the cost and be sure of the benefits for their business. However it is a huge pond out there and new businesses are very small fish.

Analytics for Measuring Success

There are several marketing tactics to have been found most useful to get businesses noticed online. SEO content has consistently proven to be in the top two – on rare occasions in the top three. The real clue here however is the word “consistently”. The problem some online marketers have is the fact that ROI is hard to gauge.

It is crazy to think that in this high tech age where virtually anything can be put under a microscope and analyzed for results; there is still a struggle to do this for ROI in terms of SEO content. SEO is cutting edge, this is a fact; that it is hard to gauge just how successful it is, is also a fact. This makes it a target for critique, but this is a relatively new marketing tool, and it is certainly keeping a great deal of freelance writers as well as online businesses thriving. Perhaps the fact that SEO provides a symbiotic relationship such as this is just one of the quirks of the internet? Bbut not according to online marketing experts!

They believe firmly that there is a definite graduated pay-off for SEO content marketing, which works particularly well in an “ad-averse environment such as the internet. Although solid numbers seem vague, a quantifiable method is not light years away. The current problem is also the fact that Google Analytics for example, only measures concrete SEM results. It is the businesses with the time and money who measure their success with and by SEO content; by sitting it out and waiting for results. Many have seen remarkable quantifiable results in profile exposure and leads for SEO ROI within 2 to 12 months. These therefore need to be considered on an annual, rather than on a month-to-month basis.