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Is This the Write Blog Tool for Your Internet Marketing Campaign?

March 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Is This the Write Blog Tool for Your Internet Marketing Campaign?


By Kenneth Middleton

Blogs Convert Browsers Into Buyers!

It is curious that the concept of something which started out as a type of personal diary entry to be shared between people of like-minds; would actually turn out to be the blog phenomenon. What is even curiouser is the fact that with the write (yes this is a play on words, not a typo) blog, business owners with web logs, can turn blog browsers into buyers. The problem lies in the fact that the business owner does not always have the time. So the next best thing is hiring someone to write the right blog for your internet marketing campaign, or is it?

From Social Function to Phenomenon

We have seen people write blog content as a purely social function, and we have also seen this evolve into a marketing phenomenon. The only problem is that for a blog to be the proverbial pot of gold: the metaphorical rainbow which supplies it has to be as endless and full-spectrum as a rainbow indeed is. To tap into the true potential, multiple blogs are generally required and a two-line daily up-date doesn’t quite cut the mustard. This is where the switch over from social meaning to marketing tool becomes blatantly apparent.

Management of Multiple Blogs

The management of multiple blogs for massive product exposure is the aim of the game at the end of the day – this also means content updates at the end of the day; every day. Do you fancy managing 10 blogs x 300 words or more daily? Even freelancers who write blog content for a living have difficulty with this when they still have to keep content interesting, perfectly written grammatically, to the point, compelling to read and so on.

There is also the consideration that blog updates come with a price tag – let’s be conservative and say 350 words x 10 blogs per day x 365 days a year = 3650 blogs. The freelancer who writes these is happy to receive ongoing work, so they give you a discount. $3.00 for 350 words and charge 50c for positing to the appropriate blogs! $3.50 in total; this will cost 3 650 x $3.50 = $12 775 per year. This is not small potatoes, but it is very necessary to make 20, 30 or even more times this amount from blog browsers who buy.

Your blogs will rake in the revenue when you are prepared to fork out the expense to keep them fed. Just like a cow will keep giving milk, the better you feed it; this is a well known business equation. But just like the automatic milking machine allows the farmer to still produce the same quality milk, only less labor intensively, the automatic blog updater could be the write blog tool for you. However, this is a subject for another blog and another day.