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Website Content – DIY and DIE!

February 22, 2011 | Comments Off on Website Content – DIY and DIE!


By Kenneth Middleton

Why DIY is Not Always Best

Unless you are an avid fan of DIY and you truly believe you can do it yourself better than anyone else, DIY is not the best option for well optimized website content. Using the services of SEO/SEM specialists (real live humans) is always best – at the very least in order to get up and started. One thing which needs to be remembered is the fact that you are not selling the products on your website to automated personalities, you are selling to real human beings, so the human touch is absolutely vital. There are in fact automated SEO optimizers, but initially, get a “real people” to do the job.

It may be an expensive exercise to continually have website content updated by a writer, because today, just like a blog, a website also needs to be continuously kept fresh in order to achieve the best marketing and sales results. The last resort is to actually do this your-self, and unfortunately many do DIY and die. Do you know why? Procrastination, that’s why – it is the thief of time and will steal you blind!

Disinterment Stinks!

We all have only the best intentions when we start to DIY the marketing deal for our own blog or website content. Then, it gets put off for a day, then another and another and eventually the website is buried so deep under a heap of junk terabytes that it becomes impossible for even the best website content writer to dig out of the mire – it is 6 feet under and it stinks down there with the dead!

Too many people on the net have already seen that the site is never updated, that it looks like a lot of shit and are not prepared to even look at it. The site may have already received bad reviews, scam reports and had all kinds of mud slung at it. It is hard to apply damage control to this type of thing on the internet. The old adage that bad news travels fast has never been truer, and once you are tarred and feathered it is hard to get rid of the mess. Breathing life back into that web site? You know life after death is…well…only in the mind of the believer.

Start as You Mean to Continue

When you marry, you should always start your husband/wife off as you mean to continue – this is my mothers’ advice. The same practical advice applies to website content, and I cannot place enough emphasis on this. Optimized content is the lifeblood of a site and therefore your sales, and your most valuable asset is your customer. Therefore search integrity must be maintained, if not, as far as your customer is concerned, you might just as well not exist.