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SEO Copywriting – Cutting Edge Technology In the Slow Lane

February 15, 2011 | Comments Off on SEO Copywriting – Cutting Edge Technology In the Slow Lane


By Kenneth Middleton

Does Size Matter?

There is a definite relationship between SEO copywriting in an online marketing program, and the size and buying power of the business which makes use of SEO as a means to an end. While larger firms have the money and the resolve to wait out positive results in their SEO copywriting campaign; smaller businesses are looking for faster results! It is vital, no matter the size of the business, to choose a company with proven results to drive their online SEO marketing campaign. Start-up companies who don’t have the budget to do this, should do it themselves until they can afford to do otherwise, but know that the big spenders are increasing their budgets for SEO content this year. In fact 43% of the big spenders told Marketing Sherpa, that they had allocated an additional 11% to their ad budgets for their online campaigns.

There is nothing which dictates that small to medium sized enterprises cannot emulate what the big guns do in order to fast-track to success. However, is SEO a fast track to success?

Time, Time and More Time!

Concerns which have the resources to pay and wait for results see a huge jump in profits. They praise the obvious advantages – no long term rankings, continual bidding wars and cost per click campaigns! But, no matter what online marketing campaign is used, it takes patience, hard work and time to be ranked first or even on the second page of popular search engines – in particular Google; which is where we all want to be.

Pay Now – See Results Later

ROI in terms of SEO copywriting results needs to be measured on a 2 – 12 month basis. Even then there are no analytics available to provide solid numbers. After 2 months however, the originator should see a marked ROI in terms of better leads, a higher search engine profile and possibly even better profits – this is not a quick fix, but the benefits are lasting.

Smaller online businesses or start-up businesses would prefer to see results now, rather than later, but this is not the way the world works in general, and there is no other online marketing exercise; other than direct email which has proven better.

Realistically speaking only the largest businesses with the biggest budget for email and SEO campaigns will be first page ranked in the real world. In terms of SEO content, cheap = ineffective and as there are no hard and fast rules or set standards, small businesses which don’t see instant results may give up on a campaign part-way-through. This is not the answer – a campaign will give birth to results in the future and although one gets the impression that cutting edge technology, by the virtue of its name should be lightening fast, it is not the case in the instance of SEO – patience is after all a virtue, and slow consistent growth has always proven to be lasting growth.