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Content Blog – Raw Marketing Power from a Quality Product

February 8, 2011 | Comments Off on Content Blog – Raw Marketing Power from a Quality Product


By Kenneth Middleton

“Dear Diary” How Does Your Blog Popularity Grow?

When the social media tool we now know as “the blog” was first brought to life, it came about as a personal journal-type exchange. No-one imagined at the time that they were unleashing a marketing tool with the ability to disseminate information; that has been quite like no other. From humble “dear diary” beginnings, what was in actual fact unleashed on the world was a marketing tool of almost immeasurable power. However, content blog must be good, must be kept up to date, changed daily if possible, and search engines as well as consumers have completely gotten around keyword-stuffing and link saturation. Any blogger attempting to parody their way through a blog in this way, will find their “hard work” relegated to the internet twilight zone – never to be seen or heard from again!

Refining Content Blog to an Art Form

It has become quite literally an art form to be able to content blog to a satisfactory outcome. In other words; for a blog to be practical for business marketing purposes when used in the correct way!

We hear so many blog success stories that it almost appears as though these successes are very happy accidents or coincidences; nothing could be further from the truth. These online blogging successes we hear of are more than likely carefully calculated and executed marketing campaigns and there needs to be a proper content blog plan in place for this goose to lay the proverbial golden egg! Further to that, it will also have cost the marketer some money to get off the ground.

Keeping it Real and Why it Works

A well written content blog has a pivotal role to play in an online marketing plan – they cannot be turned into a one-sided marketing arsenal. It is inherent in their nature to be reciprocal and this is what they should be. Keeping it real means the blogger has the responsibility to keep quality high and as this is by the most part a self regulating environment, believe us when we say bad work gets buried quickly.

Link buffers as blogs are completely worthless; content blog has got to be regularly changing useful information which lends credibility to the blog. In this way it stays top of a readily growing pile of useless rubbish which simply falls by the wayside. There is a growing awareness amongst blog writers and readers to keep it real and this is why it works. Because of the reciprocal nature of a blog, readers are conscientious in their participation; if they have an interest in safeguarding the resource, consumers will keep it alive. If the content blog is bad, it will not maintain this connection and it is this connection which closes the deal at the end of the day.