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Maximizing on Untold Potential – Content in Writing

February 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Maximizing on Untold Potential – Content in Writing


By Kenneth Middleton

Captivating Content For $2?

With a budget of $2 per article and requirements of fifty x 500 word articles to market your site, are you really going to get punchy persuasive content that will turn browsers and blog readers into buyers? We think not! And yet there are a whole host of website and blog owners who want $2 articles to market their sites?! Be careful what you ask for, because in this instance you will definitely get it and $2 for 500 words will get you very little content in writing.

At this rate of pay, articles will not be crafted they will be hammered out by a writer who is only too happy to give you $2 worth and get them finished and done. The only marketing purpose or worth they might have will be for SEO. Search engines may pull these articles out – but even search engine algorithms and spiders are becoming more intelligent every day. Once the customer gets to your site will this content in writing capture your reader? Highly unlikely!

Informative useful content is not only for SEO purposes it is also about building confidence and trust for the reader, so, content must therefore be punchy, captivating and most of all live up to a reputation, that it holds untold potential. If you think $2 can buy you untold potential, you would be better to throw your two bucks at a bunch of pay-per-click ads!

WWW Users are Part of an Ad Averse Culture

It is not a simple task for businesses to measure return on investment, particularly in terms of SEO. But what has been realized is that it is recognized as the second best tool for generating ROI. Email marketing is first, but with SEO content in writing, the marketer is able to generate two degrees of magnetism for their site and thereby their products. The search engine and the end user!

SEO is still considered to be a new marketing concept but as internet users are part of an ad-averse culture they will use an organic search before a paid listing first time nearly every time. This is where the relationship between SEO and ROI count and although the effects are not easily measurable, we have available facts and figures which sustain the belief that this IS an effective marketing and sales tool. Forrester Research statistics tell us that 93% of all internet uses, make use of search engines, 97% of these never look further than the first three page of results and 76.7% of all internet searchers make use of organic searches.

The potential of SEO content in writing can maximize results; by just how much; no expert seems to know. So if anyone promises you a first or second place search result in a year and it will only cost you $500, they are probably not telling the truth.