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Content Writing – A Thousand Words Have Launched Millions of Online Visitors!

January 24, 2011 | Comments Off on Content Writing – A Thousand Words Have Launched Millions of Online Visitors!


By Kenneth Middleton

Image is Not Everything

While the look of a website matters immensely, it can look like a million bucks; but if the content writing is shoddily put together nothing will sell on that site. There is nothing worse than bad English, poor or outdated information and altogether bad content to put a visitor off making a purchase. Great image is a superb draw-card, but it is content which represents your online salesperson, and it is this that closes the deal. There are millions of other sites waiting to step into your shoes, or if you like, sell shoes to your targeted visitors.

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is also the draw card for search engines, not only visitors, so it’s purposed is definitely two-fold. It adds what they call “stickiness” to the site, so that when a potential customer types a keyword, or keyword phrase as a search parameter; the engine virtually sees your site, jumping up and down, sticking up its hand and shouting “pick me, pick me!” The search engine chooses your site first and the possibility of converting a hit to a sale becomes far more viable the more prominently your site features in search results.

Content will be persuasive without being salesy; it invites the visitor to take action and closes the deal. This is why it is essential for content writing to be undertaken by a competently SEO trained writer. There are very affordable freelance writers who know this industry well, so rather pay a professional than DIY and end up in trouble. Bad content on a website can effectively flush it down the toilet making it almost impossible to retrieve from the “U” bend of internet obscurity.

Content Writing for the Internet is Different to Print Media

Ensure that any freelancer or otherwise, understands there is a huge difference between writing for print media and content writing for the internet. Whether written material is for product descriptions, site content, marketing articles, reviews, news or web log (blog) information. Visitors online have shorter attention spans so the writing needs to make an impact and lightening-fast.

Content writing varies in length of batches of 250 – 500 words as a rule; make the point and get over with it; anything more is generally too much, unless the material is highly technical and this is what is expected. Anything less than 250 is generally not used at all, unless for short product descriptions and these are traditionally about 80 words. Your content writer should know all of this; as well have samples to provide that will prove to you, they have what it takes to get the job done. While your site may have the face of an angel – what is a few ships? Your content writer needs to be able to mobilize millions of visitors to your site.