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Content For Blog – Recognizing the Good, the Blog and the Ugly

January 18, 2011 | Comments Off on Content For Blog – Recognizing the Good, the Blog and the Ugly


By Kenneth Middleton

Content For Blog is Only as Good As its Context

Although you may believe that the words “content for blog” don’t appear to make completely good sense when phrased together in this way; your good English dictates that this should rather read “content for a blog” or something else. There is a very definite reason for using these three words in this order or keyword phrase. The reason is search engine optimization! The keyword phrase is specifically researched and as a good writer, they take the phrase and build content to make sense, be interesting and compelling around it. This or any other keyword phrase must appear to be in context.

How is the Content for Blog Constructed?

All well written content for blog or for websites differ in terms of construction, there is obviously many factors which need to be considered; the demographic, product and nature of the blog or website. There is also however a number of characteristics which always remain the same, bearing in mind SEO always also:

Compelling writing which grabs the interest of the target audience and holds it
Creation of a sense of confidence and trust

A blog is only as good as the skills inherent in the writer to achieve these aims. If the writer cannot create a sense of trust and interest in the product and or its originator, then all is lost. Informative content which is transparent and service oriented with no apologies is vital; particularly in terms of sales success. Window dressing does not come across in content this is left to the image the site projects. Window dressing is eye candy, content is mind candy. Professionally constructed content for blog is the name of the game.

The Ugly!

Keeping blog content updated is intrinsic to achieving success, unfortunately getting this done takes time and or costs money. A neglected or badly written blog is not worth the PC monitor it is written on, and although this is not of great concern for a recreational blogger, we are not discussing recreational matters.

The blog is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but keeping it fresh and compelling can mean migraine-sized headaches for the originator. Resorting to keyword stuffing, bad writing and link buffers as an excuse for content for blog will not get the job done, although some automatic blog content generators can be of assistance. This super effective marketing tool has to be maintained in a super effective way in order to be super effective; excuse my repetition; but you get the message! The web log, or “blog” as we now know it, is a power marketing tool, so in order to power market, it must be perfect in absolutely every way to do its job effectively – use of this phenomenon means there is no room for the ugly.