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Amped Webcontent – A Nuke in Your Arsenal for Market Share

January 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Amped Webcontent – A Nuke in Your Arsenal for Market Share


By Kenneth Middleton

SEO / SEM – Your Weapons of Mass Attraction

Market share and sales is the primary force majeure for requiring webcontent in the first instance. The quality of the webcontent takes second place for many site owners and this is a huge mistake. The www resource base is gargantuan in size and sees poorly optimised sites buried under billions of Petabytes of junk. For a website to stand out and also not be gobbled up in a war of attrition, a serious effort needs to be made in SEO/SEM optimization.

Good SEO ensures that a site, its products and information are highly visible and receives an acceptable amount of exposure. To simplistically define SEO – it is structuring webcontent in such as way as to make it clearly visible to the visitors who matter; in other words the searchers who want to spend money. SEO and SEM can be the most critical in the arsenal of weapons, of any online marketing efforts.

A Trusty Website Watchdog

All online industry operates 24/7, 365 days of the year! It is this factor which makes online businesses who know what they are doing – so incredibly profitable. What good webcontent does is guard your business, both day and night; it is your website’s trusty watchdog and in the presence of this; whether you are fast asleep, wide-awake or playing on the beach with your children. It will greet traffic visiting your site, with a friendly, informative, well-written smile, entertain, hold their attention and all being well; close the deal on your behalf.

Your web site content is you, your business and your products. Just like walking into your favourite store and being greeted by a friendly assistant; someone you know is there to help, even when hovering in the background. It builds confidence in the product or products, offers a guided tour and is really not that hard to come by.

Contacting The A Team

Although some site owners/administrators may attempt to write solid SEO/SEM content; they may not have the time or the skill to do this correctly and in this instance it is time to call in the A Team. It is not difficult to outsource work to a writer who has a good understanding of efficient sales mechanisms, and who will bring out the big guns.

They are able to write at a level which offers an appreciation of the site and makes sure that it stands out from the crowd. Professional costs for these services are negligible when taken in the context of the bigger picture. Proper optimization does not only need to be informative and reflect the goals of the site, it has to change regularly to attract more inbound links, more traffic, and hopefully a good deal of general interest. Webcontent is not a place to penny-pinch!