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Now Hiring – Seeking a Conversion Competent Content Provider!

December 20, 2010 | Comments Off on Now Hiring – Seeking a Conversion Competent Content Provider!


By Kenneth Middleton
There Are a few Things You Need to Know
What surprises me the most about freelance writing online is just how little some so-called writers actually do know. Some believe they know how to speak/write English and some believe they know everything there is to know about SEO, but if you ask them about conversion, link bait etc, all you get is a blank stare. If you are looking for a competent content provider for your blog, website, newsletter, whatever your purpose; there are some things you need to know too.
It has been drummed into us that if we do not have good, interesting, original blog and website content containing optimized keywords, long tail key phrases, and appeal, we won’t be able to generate leads or convert to sales. So your Content provider needs to know a number of very important things, namely:
• How to convert to sales
• The creation of link bait
• SEO friendly writing that is not keyword stuffed (spammy)
• What the competition is using to be successful
• Optimization of both code and content
Conversion to sales – why does a content provider need to understand this? Because the content has to be believable, and sufficiently informative to get them to click the “Buy Now” button on your website, or the link in the blog or newsletter. The actual context of the editorial is vital for conversion.
Creation of link bait – When content is exciting, information and well written, the people who read it wish to book mark it and this is what you want. With good original content readers will share your material and this creates organic link popularity. In other words “link bait”!
SEO Friendly – Keyword stuffed text is spammy it is also completely out of date, boring and does not take a rocket scientist to see it is spammy, then completely ignore it. Keyword density percentages are at an all time low and this why the use of long tail keyword phrases and other SEO tools have become so essential. Your content provider must attract readers not alienate them.
What is the Competition doing? – The content provider needs some knowledge on why the competition is so successful, simply so that they can repeat the same or similar tactics. If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it! The competition needs to be analyzed, learned from and improved upon.
Understanding code as well as content optimization – An understanding of code optimization is as necessary as content optimization, because it allows the content provider to cleanly insert calls to action which includes icons, pictures, graphics etc. Both blogs and websites benefit from calls to action and it is a powerful way to convert to sales. With an understanding of both code and content, the provider knows just how the search engine spiders crawl website and blog pages, and what they are searching for.