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SEO Articles and How Image Fits Into the Picture

December 13, 2010 | Comments Off on SEO Articles and How Image Fits Into the Picture


By Kenneth Middleton

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

While the importance and power of SEO articles can not be disputed in any way, in terms of search engine rankings the power of the overall image should never be overlooked. In fact there are some search engine optimization experts who believe that image is more important than ranking!

If you think about it logically, many successful industry players trade on their image more than their optimized catch phrase for example. Take Nike, that “tick” says it all, the fact that they use “just do it” as a catchphrase, may change like Coca-Cola catchphrases to, to fit in with current trends, but the image never will. If they took the Nike “” away and used another image, for example “WalMart” instead, keeping the quality the same, how many pairs of running shoes do you think they would sell for $120 a pair – think about it? In this instance a picture paints billions of dollars worth of words and it is this image which allows for a thriving business, then again the same applies to Walmart.

How many companies can you think of that have been kept alive by their image? We mentioned one earlier, the image remains the same, but the catch phrase for Coca-Cola regularly changes with time and trends. There are hundreds of examples like this but it is not only about the picture, it is also about an overall image of quality.

SEO Articles – the Icing on the Cake

SEO articles are used in a conscious attempt to make a product or site more popular in the many eyes of search engine spiders. The product or site you are promoting may be selected by a targeted audience due to the quality of the SEO articles used and the fact these have been good enough to get your site highly ranked. But image is vitally important and it is pointless using these articles as icing on the cake of a website which is actually a dung heap of poor service and even worse products. No amount of sweetening will bring back customers who believe that your overall image is sewage.

First Impressions Matter

How many times have you heard this said? Well…first impressions matter… is not used because it is a fun thing to say. They really do matter and this is why projecting a good image matters too. Remember human beings love eye-candy, things need to look nice as well as cater to the needs of the mind, body and soul. Beautifully finished SEO articles that are compelling, interesting to read, useful and informative are a huge waste of time and money if they lead to a site which does not leave a good image with the beholder. The looks, site architecture, content, ease of use, product and images also need to be so compelling as to leave the visitor wanting to return time after time.