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Blog Writing – The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

December 6, 2010 | Comments Off on Blog Writing – The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow


By Kenneth Middleton
A Simple Yet Competitive Process
Blog writing has taken many of us by surprise with the effectiveness and marketing power of so simple a process, yet is also highly competitive and can be difficult to manage. For a blog to remain effective once it is up and running, content needs to be kept vitally current, appealing, informative and well written; not easy for a single writer. Its raw power on a global scale can never be underestimated and this humble online marketing tool has called upon writing resources and skills on an unprecedented scale.
Improve its General Appeal
Writing is the heart and soul of a blog and is therefore vital to its ability to be competitive in a blog eat blog world. Improving blog writing skill will improve its general appeal; the more appeal it has, the more people will return and read more. Both amateurs and professionals blog, whether for income or for personal reasons and amateurs are being provided with a valuable resource to make money and receive exposure for their writing skills. However they are also writing the way they have always written, often with awkwardness and overcompensation. To improve the general appearance of the blog it is necessary to re-visit this somewhat, and understand that the amateur-look is preventable. While “great” writing cannot be taught, “good” writing can.
Take Care of Writing Rules
The rules of writing do not change they are available for all to take cognisance of. We are taught these rules from our earliest writing days and revisiting items such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, focus, rhythm and structure does more good than harm. Rules are there to be followed, they have reason, are not restrictive and readers will take a take a carefully crafted piece of writing seriously enough to read it.
If your “creyative” spelling catches their eye, they laugh and say, “what moron wrote this?” Not exactly the required response or way to capture an interested audience?!
Reading helps develop an ear and eye for structure grammar and syntax, and is one of the best ways for the writer to refine their craft. By the same token, get online and find some really bad writing, critique it and do the “what a moron” test. If a writer revisits their own work and privately says “did I really write this trash?” this is the perfect litmus test of improvement in writing skills. It is truly embarrassing when a piece has been published online and is read by the writer – it has happened to me; I read, state what a rubbish piece of writing, then realise I wrote it. Instant embarrassment; so much so that it is back to the books again! Hemmingway called it a “built–in shock–proof shit-detector”.
Blog writing can without doubt be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, both for the blog owner and the writer who is now being paid for their amateur skills. It helps to be as professional as humanly possible.