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Blog Marketing – Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

November 30, 2010 | Comments Off on Blog Marketing – Keywords, Keywords, Keywords


By Kenneth Middleton

Focus for Blog Marketing

A personal blog as apposed to blog marketing have two very different and distinct goals and any type of marketing always starts with a focussed marketing plan. Blog marketing is no different; it has to start with a plan! Your plan must be used to guide you at all times when looking for material to write, and it needs to reflect what you hope to achieve in your business. For this you should create a list of keywords, details regarding your target market or audience and your area of focus.

Target Market

Firstly, you are looking to attract an audience, preferably a targeted audience, one that will be interested in what products or services you wish them to partake of. Blog marketing creates a platform for you to share information and how much of this information you share is entirely up to you. It takes research to identify a target market, so a good place to start is with other successful blogs in the same area of interest.


Just as real estate is about location, location, location; blog marketing is about keywords, keywords, keywords. But gone are the days when you can keyword stuff and get away with it and in any case this would make your blog boring and no-one would read it. First develop a content strategy focused around a central theme and research what your targeted keywords should be. A keyword plan actually needs to be very flexible as well as completely unique. Flexibility is achieved by use of “long-tail keyword phrases”.

It is important for you to have a good choice of long-tail keyword phrases in your blog marketing plan, and you need as many as 100 of these so collect them as you go along and save them for future use. This list should also comprise of titles (very important for search engines), links, tags and categories. With a large selection to choose from it becomes simpler to create quality content which does not even appear to be search engine optimized.

The more interesting and diverse these phrases are, the better you are able to hold the interest of your target audience. The more interested your audience is in what you have to say keeps your blog marketing interactive which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates. Avid followers inevitably become customers too. But it is also important to remember that blog marketing is not about blatantly selling a product, blogs are used chiefly to attract, interact and brand and should therefore be very discrete and not sales oriented.

With a solid plan in place a blog marketing campaign can be immensely successful. In fact the power of the blog is so dynamic because of its ability to influence the reader, so always write for the reader and never for the search engine.