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Use Content Portal Management Tools For Efficient Operations

November 23, 2010 | Comments Off on Use Content Portal Management Tools For Efficient Operations


By Kenneth Middleton

What are Content Portal Management Systems?

Content portal management systems are used in ezine directories for example. They are 3rd party software applications which operate in real time and are designed to allow administrators to edit, add, delete, update documents, photos, graphics and content as well as make other modifications to websites, quickly and easily. Site owners and web masters use them as they are web based tools and this means very little knowledge of “web scripting” languages is required.

Why Use Them?

The World Wide Web is probably the most fast-paced environment on the planet. Because of this, content portal management is integral to the efficiency of websites as well as its content management operations. Dynamic websites are database driven the majority of the time and this tells us that they require efficient third party solutions to update any information which resides in the database.

The beauty of this type of system is that access levels are built in, and this means outsourced content writers may be registered as users with the permission of the web master. In fact any willing contributors may be allowed to contribute through these access controlled hierarchies.

How They Work?

The content portal system takes the normal text – much like that in a Word document, converts it to HTML code, then with a simple click of a button it is then published to the required web site.

There are a Few Problems However!

Nothing is ever smooth sailing when it comes to the WWW, and no matter how much we are sold on the fact that content portal management systems are simple to use as well as hugely convenient – they well may be. Some search engines have difficulty indexing dynamic web pages, but this in turn, has also been dramatically improved. Essentially search spiders are scared off by URL strings which contain too many URL considerations. This is easily solved by avoiding too many variables. If you think about it logically, the algorithms in a search engine today have been designed to organically search and understand as an average user would. So what ever scares off an average user will also scare off a search engine.

What is The Purpose of Using Content Portal Management?

People today scan everything they read, from newspapers and magazines to websites and email; in other words they read fast! When they are reading from web sites, they read even faster than usual; they will only fully read an item if they are fully engaged by it. It therefore stands to reason that automated content portal management tools will allow for new content to be posted to websites in a much more efficient manner. This keeps the site interesting and keeps the reader engaged. They will then return on a regular basis for as long at the information being imparted at the site, keeps them engaged. A regular reader generally becomes a loyal customer. In other words, money likes speed, content portal systems, offer you that speed.