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Search Engine Optimization Copywriting – Exponential Article PR

November 17, 2010 | Comments Off on Search Engine Optimization Copywriting – Exponential Article PR


By Kenneth Middleton

SEO Copywriting Article PR Enters the Mainstream

Site and blog owners who wish to effectively rank high in search engines are making major investments in search engine optimization copywriting. This means the content contained on Web Pages has reached the level of importance where it is never an afterthought, and should always be planned with great care. The same care applies to the ways in which these websites are enabled in order to realize high search engine ranks, and one method which is extremely popular is “Article PR”. This online marketing tool entered the mainstream around about 2004 and it has proven to work.

What is Article PR?

Article PR is search engine optimization copywriting in the form of interesting, informative, well written articles regarding a relevant subject in relationship to a website or product. It is not sales oriented; keywords, links, meta-tags, code to text ratios and other search engine optimization copywriting tools are used to ensure the articles are and will remain attractive to search engines. They are also “free for reprint” once submitted to article repositories. The “free for reprint” term comes with a proviso that the articles are used in their entirety, which includes the biography of the author and its attached website links.

The article repository is simply a free article submissions site where webmasters pick up relevant material and use it within the prerequisites of the proviso. This means that one article can be submitted to hundred of free, well- established submissions sites and be picked up and used many times over. The better the quality of the article, the more attention it attracts from “borrowers” and the more exposure the writers links receive.

It is an extremely effective way to use search engine optimization copywriting to generate high search engine rankings. Because of its rise in popularity and effectiveness it also keeps SEO copywriters exceptionally busy these days.

Exponential Elevation of Article Endorsement

Since the early days of article marketing, when some practitioners were still making use of the dying link farming and keyword stuffing; article PR proved to work. Marketing managers and business owners, do not find it, it finds them, and year on year this form of marketing for websites has doubled, tripled and even achieved higher percentages of popularity. Search engine optimization copywriting experts do not believe it will die the death of keyword stuffing, purely because it makes sense.

More and more article submission sites are also becoming human moderated, and as it is humans reading and writing these articles, this makes even more sense. However this also dynamically changes the landscape of article marketing. Dying a quiet death from “overkill”, or even going out with a bang, does not appear to be an option for this form of online promotion, so we can safely assume that I will be kept employed for just a little while longer 