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Killer Blog Content – Exposure on a Grand Scale

November 11, 2010 | Comments Off on Killer Blog Content – Exposure on a Grand Scale


By Kenneth Middleton

When Reality Slaps Your Blog in the Face

It takes time to create killer blog content, as well as careful planning. How many times have you thought you had a great idea for a post, bashed it out on the keyboard, and this was going to be blog content to end all blog posts?! This happens and then the %#*t hits the fan, because either someone else has pipped you to the post or that avalanche of traffic just doesn’t happen – no comments, not a single sausage. It is a well known fact that the right kind of blog content can get you exposure on a grand scale.

Good Blog Content Takes Time to Create

This is a given, good blog content takes time and it is a creative process to get a blog that takes. Bloggers often get the impression that they are in a race against time and they punch out content as though it comes off a production line. It is therefore vital to understand that when you don’t take the time to be creative, your blog content looks exactly as it should – like it was just punched out. Pause a while and think about it in relationship to what you hope to achieve through your blog, and then only start to work. The more thought you give to it, the better quality your content will be. Quality tends to guarantee traction.

Carefully Choose a Topic

The point of writing a blog is to use material which means something to the reader and it must engage them so that they want to return and read more about it. The creative process starts with a strong topic and making the wrong choice, can send you off in entirely the wrong direction.

Write down your ideas or type them down if you like, look at them and play around with them, hang onto this list and build on it every time you have an idea. Then when you need a topic, just pull out your list – this is where your brainstorming will begin. Jot down points of relevance so that a structure or outline begins to take shape and it flows in line with the topic. All that really needs to be done once you have a structure in place is fill in the gaps.

Writing blog content is also very much about identifying a need for the reader, this also creates focus. Think about the reader, and what type of reader you wish to attract and why. Hypothetically answer their questions even though these are unsaid – it is the challenges which face your readers that will draw them to your blog. Try not to stay in the abstract, your reader needs to feel they are connecting with you and this is what will bring them back, inspire comments and have them send your material viral.