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Web Content Concepts – Write Well and Mind the Store?

October 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Web Content Concepts – Write Well and Mind the Store?


By Kenneth Middleton

Gibberish No Longer Works

Gone are the days when “ipsum florsheim botsum possum” plus pictures could pass for web content. It has been made very clear that online sales only do well in the face of solid web content. This has in fact become essential and the concept is simple to understand.

You own a shoe shop in London – you sell Jimmy Choo’s, your sales assistant cannot speak English, she also doesn’t wear shoes and as she is a Pacific Islander, wearing a porcupine quill through the septum of her nose. A customer walks into your store, seeking wedding shoes. Your assistant walks up to greet them, smiles and starts speaking “ipsum florsheim botsum possum” the customer runs a mile down the street to the other Jimmy Choo’s shop – screaming, I didn’t want Vivienne Westwood!

This is exactly what happens when a customer lands on a website looking for a product you market and is greeted with poor content and other irrelevant material. Your website is your shop-front and should portray exactly the same image as it might if you were manning a real live store. Good web content will take care of business for you; without sending the customers running away in disgust, or worse – only having them return to your site (and send their friends) so they can have a good laugh at the poor use of language. I see it happen all the time!

Why Gibberish Worked In the Past?

In the past, search engines did not operate on the same algorithms as they do today. They were designed to search for keywords only, so keyword stuffing was the order of the day. Granted, you would probably still not have sold the Jimmy Choos at your online store with this “ipsum florsheim botsum possum” as your web content, but if the customer liked the shoes and the content read:

“Buy your Jimmy Choos here, these Jimmy Choos are the best Jimmy Choos on the market, at the best Jimmy Choo prices. We have red Jimmy Choos, white Jimmy Choos, Yellow Jimmy Choos…ad infinitum”, they may still sell.

The difference is that search engines would pick up this type of “keyword stuffed” web content and rank the site high, today this is absolutely not the case. In fact when the Google spiders crawl all over this article the algorithms will absolutely reject it as a possible option for “Jimmy Choos”. Today web content must be interesting, informative and inherently of a good quality English; as this is the most widely used language on the World Wide Web.

It is a simple concept, it has been proven that the better the quality of the web content used, and the more regularly it is updated; and this pertains to article marketing also – the better your sales will be as the site is ranked higher. So it is time to write to mind the store.