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Website Content that Works for You

September 10, 2010 | Comments Off on Website Content that Works for You


By Kenneth Middleton

Remote Control Wonder Salesperson

When you run a small appliance store downtown you are on hand to take a potential customer through your range of stock and help them make a choice on which blender they are going to buy. If you are a good salesperson they will probably walk out with the blender and a microwave oven to boot. What happens though when your showroom is a website and your potential customers come and go unseen? Who or rather what is clinching the deal in that scenario?

The answer is very simple – your website content. You may spend a considerable amount of time and money making sure SEO is up to scratch and labour tirelessly to improve your rankings but if the traffic these efforts generate is lost in-store then you are wasting your time. If the customer in the appliance store were to be confronted with a disinterested, rude or absent salesperson they would surely turn on their heels and leave. The same principle applies to your website content.

Content Drives Web Sales – Truth or Myth

Content is king so they say and never was a truer word spoken. The problem is it can also be a ruthless, thieving highwayman that robs you of conversions and plays havoc with your bottom line. Badly written or structured website content can do your sales figures a huge amount of dirt and can even toll the bell of doom for your business. That said, efficient and well structured content is, figuratively speaking, worth its weight in gold.

Benchmarks of Good Content

Although formulating a clear definition of what good content should consist of is quite difficult, it is easy to define what good content should do. Effective web copy should firstly be crisp and well written with no typos or grammatical errors. Don’t let the general decline in literacy levels and the broad acceptance of SMS text style writing lead you to believe that the public will not notice or be put off by shoddy writing.

Secondly you need to inspire confidence and trust in your site visitor from the start. The prospective customer should be left with no doubts as to the fact that you know your oats and are not attempting to gloss over or smoke screen inherent faults or weaknesses in your product. At the same time you need to be convincing in your attempts to sell the benefits of your service or product and completely transparent about its pricing.

These simple points will ensure that you, at least don’t loose your customers at the door. So look after your web content in the same way that you would take care of a top notch salesman. At the end of the day both can mean the difference between success and failure.