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Solid Web Site Content – Unsung Web Marketing Hero

August 30, 2010 | Comments Off on Solid Web Site Content – Unsung Web Marketing Hero


By Kenneth Middleton

Who guards the gate when you are asleep?

In the battle to secure online market share and sales one of the most often ignored heroes is good quality web site content. In the presence of this cyber über warrior your sales can soar and sadly, in it’s absence, crash and burn. Just like a trusty guard dog, good content is always at its post doing what it does best – selling your product. And it does it 24/7, whether you are working, playing or fast asleep.

Good web site content is, essentially, the online salesperson who greets the traffic the rest of your marketing drive has procured at the door with a warm smile and a firm hand shake. It then gives those potential customers the guided tour of your products, extolling their virtues, building confidence in and desire for them before clinching the deal with a sale. Again, all while you are standing with a set of barbeque tongs in your hand.

Where can I hire this guy?

Fortunately solid, effective web site content is not hard to come by. Unfortunately it is often not something the web site owner or administrator can do themselves. The trick, however, is to build an appreciation for the critical role good web site content occupies and not marginalise it within the big picture. If you cannot write at that level or simply do not have the time to do it, hire a pro. The long term benefits are well worth the cost of professional input.

Professional content writers will not only be able to turn your web site content into a efficient sales mechanism but will also be able to ensure that it is properly optimised to generate more inbound links, traffic and general buzz in the market place. Web site content can be the source of an avalanche of interest and consequent sales conversions if it is structured correctly so no effort or expense should be spared in getting yours into shape.

So what does good content look like?

Highly effective web site content will differ, sometimes vastly, according to specific market demographics but will always share several common characteristics. The first of these is the ability to firmly grasp the interest of the target audience. Web content should also immediately create trust and confidence in the product and its originator as well as a clear call to action. To achieve these goals your web site content should be vibrant, informative, authorities and focused. The pricing and conditions of the product or service and its sale should also be clearly and transparently laid out with no overt attempts to apologetically justify the cost or to soften the blow with window dressing.

The ability to achieve these effects are representative of the skills inherent in good content writers and for that reason the costs of having your content professionally structured can never be over emphasised.