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How to Build Killer Web Content

August 25, 2010 | Comments Off on How to Build Killer Web Content


By Kenneth Middleton

Recently we have discussed the importance of having web content that is not only optimised for search engine visibility but also well written, informative and useful. This often neglected concept is critical to converting good SEO to representative conversions and its power and value in the overall sales success scenario cannot be stressed enough.

For web content to be efficient it must firstly grab the site visitor’s attention and hold it. It then needs to instil a sense of trust in your product and lastly cement a decision to make use of the service. For your content to achieve these goals it needs to exhibit certain definite characteristics. In short these are:

Conviction – Your content should be strong, vibrant and confident. It needs to speak volumes about the value of your product, service or concept and needs to do so conclusively. Your content needs to establish the integrity of your product or service and the voracity of any claims made early in the process. The writing needs to immediately create the feeling in the reader that you know what you are talking about and are prepared to back it up.

Consolidation – Once you have the visitor’s attention and have set their minds at ease regarding the integrity of what you are offering you need to create a call to action. The content needs to take whatever the motivation was for the visitor looking you up in the first place and turn it into a compelling need to act.

This is perhaps the hardest part of the process and where the real art of sales writing lies. This part of your content needs to lay out the benefits and value of your product in a logical, step-by-step fashion that leaves the prospective client with no doubts as to what he or she stands to gain by buying in. To do this effectively you need to have a very clear idea of what your target market needs and more importantly, what they want.

Conversion – This is where you need to be absolutely transparent regarding your product and particularly its pricing and any terms and conditions that its sale might be subject to. Do not beat around the bush, do not try and soften the blow with smoke and mirrors and do not try and inject apologetic attempts to justify the cost. And absolutely do not hide any thing. If your product is legitimate, competitively priced and you have succeeded in adequately describing the value of your product in the consolidation step no subterfuge will be called for.

This may be a simplistic description of successful web content writing but it does clearly cover the basic principles of effective written web sales techniques. Just remember your SEO efforts only direct potential custom to your showroom, your web content is, however, what clinches the deal. Good Luck!