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How Critical is Content Development to Web Success

August 20, 2010 | Comments Off on How Critical is Content Development to Web Success


By Kenneth Middleton

Content Development – Window dressing or life support?

It is scary to see how many website owners don’t have any appreciation for the potential power of their site content. Particularly when you consider the double edged nature of that power in terms of its ability to deliver a huge amount of benefit when its good or a equally impressive amount of harm if it is not. For this simple reason excellence in content development should be considered to be no less than a life support function of any web based business.

The broadly accepted definition of content development is the act or process of researching, writing and compiling information with associated or complimentary graphics, animations, sound and visual files for publishing on the web. Simply put it means constructing then assembling all parts of your web site into a coherent, attractive and useful resource.

Why go to the trouble if my SEO is working well?

If you have not paid enough attention to your content development your SEO efforts are not working correctly even if they appear to be doing so. This is due to the fact that good content development is an integral part of any web site’s SEO regimen due to the effect written content has on search optimization in general. In an environment where search engines are ever more looking for relevant and unique content, shoddy writing, overworked material and ruthless keyword-stuffing will kill your site in short order.

Apart from this critical point, all the positive efforts to boost your sites visibility to search engines will do you no good if you cannot capitalize on the traffic by getting conversions. And it’s your content and nothing else that gets the feet coming through the door to commit. And when it comes to achieving this goal you have to have all your content development ducks in row.

People react to environments such as web sites at both a conscious and sub-conscious level and something as arbitrary as a choice of colour or background graphics can have a huge effect on whether people stay on your site long enough to absorb your message and reach for their MasterCard.

My product speaks for itself so why do I need a pretty website?

No matter how well known your product may be you have to accept that not all visitors are committed to your product or service before they reach your site. And not all visitors will have an equal amount of insight into your industry. If you are to reach a larger market then you need to pay particular heed to the quality of your content development to maintain a broad appeal. Just remember, when Mrs Smith comes calling for one of those “little thingies” she may not appreciate the jock-speak and mud wrestling background as much as your regulars!