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Why Would Anyone Need a Web Content System

August 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Why Would Anyone Need a Web Content System


By Kenneth Middleton

Keeping the cyber sword sharp.

Whether we like it or not, web content is the core of any internet based business. And, of course, as we all know good content is king. However, keeping your newly polished and efficient site content organised, current and accurate on an ongoing basis is no easy task particularly if you have multiple sites. An eventual breakdown of order on one or all of your sites due to inadequate maintenance may not only cause a drop in rankings and traffic but has the potential to lead to considerable embarrassment or even costly litigation. This is where a good content system comes into its own.

As most site owners will know all too well getting around to doing the housework on their sites is not always easy or even possible. Paying someone to do it for you may not be an attractive or feasible answer either. Fortunately there is another answer to this vexing conundrum – The content management system or CMS. When it comes to web site content control and maintenance a content system can, depending on its sophistication, do just about everything bar make coffee and CMS’s are fast becoming essential parts of many web based businesses resource bases.

What do content management systems do?

Although the full gamut of benefits of many CMS packages is too extensive to cover in so short an article the main benefits of most systems can be described thus:

• Facilitation of streamlined and decentralised production of new content.
• Improved in-site or cross-site consistency of content.
• Streamlined site navigation and flexibility.
• Improved data security.
• Improved duplication control.
• Improved workflow speed.
• Improved growth potential.

All of these benefits translate into easier control of the content on your site, a more user friendly, informative and useful experience for your visitors and, consequently, better rankings and improved overall site performance.

Why should I surrender control of my content to an automated process?

Fears of having little or no control of how the content system drives the process are unfounded. A CMS does not take over human input it simply facilitates ease of input integration across all sectors of diverse business environments, makes collaboration easier and helps keep accurate and current track of changes and updates both past and pending.

In fact, the use of a CMS actually improves control of site content and makes marshalling a complex work load simple. A content system may be seen as an unobtrusive, ultra efficient PA that knocks bottle-necks and hurdles on the head before they have a chance to cause havoc. Anyone that is experiencing frustration with keeping large amounts of content current, organised and effective should seriously consider a content management system as a fundamental part of their operation.