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How important is Quality Content

August 10, 2010 | Comments Off on How important is Quality Content


By Kenneth Middleton

Most folks involved in one way or the other with any web based enterprise will have considered the old adage “Content is King” and pondered how it affects them. Or rather how close they are to having a website populated by high powered royalty rather than pedestrian commoners. The sad part of all this is that many website owners never take their content seriously enough to maximise on the enormous potential it represents.

The most important fact to consider when it comes to a holistic approach to your website is that all the best SEO efforts in the world will be wasted if your site content is trashy or sub standard. Having successfully driven traffic to your site you then have to keep it there long enough to introduce your message or product and get the conversions.

Unfortunately a lot of site administrators suffer from traffic generation tunnel vision and seldom give any serious consideration to the end destination. The problem is if your SEO efforts have worked well and you have acceptable volumes of relevant feet through the door your content needs to be interesting and informative enough to clinch the deal.

The main function of your site content is to sell your product and it is in this area that the visitors to your site are seldom prepared to accept poorly written or structured content. Typos, poor grammar, poor flow and rambling, unfocused content will see your hard won traffic running for the door before they have given your product a second glance.

One of the realities of producing good copy however, is that few site owners or administrators have the abilities or the time to write punchy, effective content. And if they do it becomes a major mission to keep that content fresh and updated. All of these points combined can lead to a site owner having a ticking time bomb on his hands and, this said, professional intervention is often the best course of action.

Although the services of professional content writers don’t come cheap, the benefits of having your content written by a pro who knows his or her oats can turn irrelevant and counter-productive content into pure gold and is absolutely worth every cent. It happens so often that a sites rankings, retention and conversion rates skyrocket directly after receiving professional TLC.

The tall and short of the quality content question is this. Your site content should always occupy an equal position of importance in your overall site construction and maintenance regimen. And the importance of getting it right first time around cannot be stressed enough either. People have long memories and a bad first impression will often cause enough of a bad taste in potential customer’s mouths to negate any later efforts on your part to rectify the situation.