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Web Content Management – Web Content Optimization Made Easy

July 31, 2010 | Comments Off on Web Content Management – Web Content Optimization Made Easy


By Kenneth Middleton

Stacking the odds on the web battleground

Conservative estimates peg the number of commercial websites going live every day at over 100,000. This number excludes social platform entities and personal web presences. That is a huge amount of additional competition in an environment that already seems almost impossible to compete in. The bottom line is no web based business can afford to rest on its laurels any more. It is a war zone out there in which the old World War Two slogan Complacency Kills holds particular relevance once again.

There is simply no longer room for mistakes and lack of attention when it comes to maintaining a competitive edge in the internet marketing arena. This inescapable fact requires web business owners to focus renewed attention on the quality, accuracy and relevance of their site content like never before. The problem is that maintaining ones content at these levels very often requires more time than site owners have and increasing payroll burdens by employing extra staff to handle content management is seldom an attractive alternative.

Slap bang between a rock and a hard place.

Dealing with this thorny conundrum need not be cause for despair though. Web content management systems (CMS) can take care the lion’s share of the work and make the efficient management of site content simple without increasing headcounts or sacrificing control of the finished product. These applications allow for greatly streamlined workflows in dynamic, collaborative work environments and can ensure that individual input is optimised to produce maximum levels of efficiency.

Although web content management systems differ considerably in terms of their specific functionality most share a range of common benefits for web based businesses. These include the following:

• Optimised workflow
• Increased security
• Increased growth potential
• Improved overall consistency
• Duplication control
• Improvements in site navigation
• Optimisation of authoring efficiency
• Increase in archive integrity

How much autonomy is sacrificed with automated content management?

Web content management applications are not overly intrusive and act more as resource management facilitators than dictatorial systems. They allow for full control of all aspects of the content generation process and simply allow for improved integration of all facets of content management. They ease the production of new content, keep accurate track of changes, organise archives and flag updates and critical events.

Any web site owner struggling to maintain order and integrity in a busy and vibrant web bases business owes it to themselves to pay serious attention to the acquisition of a good web content management system. Any costs involved will pale into insignificance when measured against the potential benefits and the peace of mind one gets from knowing the content of ones site is being kept current and sound is worth the outlay on its own.