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Blog Content – Weapon of Mass Productivity

July 27, 2010 | Comments Off on Blog Content – Weapon of Mass Productivity


By Kenneth Middleton

Social media’s über marketing weapon under threat.

The blog as we know it today saw the light of day in the unassuming guise of personal journals written by people who wanted to record their thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences and share them with those around them. It was unimaginable at the time that these humble records would grow into one of the most powerful marketing and information distribution tools ever yet blog content did just that.

The blog of today is a far cry from those lowly “Dear Diary” style posts and the process of harnessing their immense power has been refined to an art form and become an integral part of widely accepted online business practice. However, not unlike a beautiful bunch of perfect roses blog content has a set of vicious thorns ready to draw blood from the uninitiated and unwary.

Does the giant have feet of clay?

As is the case with so many other rapidly evolving success stories, attempts on the part of bloggers to squeeze extra offerings from the golden goose are threatening to re-invent the blogging wheel into extinction. The tendency to develop tunnel vision and fixate on the blogs raw power to force traffic movement often turns the exquisite, simple beauty of the blog into a shambling, grotesque Frankenstein style parody.

Ruthless keyword stuffing and link saturation in blog content with little or no attention to the real value of posts is threatening to relegate blogs to the same twighlight zone interruption marketing is destined for. And when one considers the fact that the real beauty of a well written blog is the reciprocal nature of its inherent benefits then turning blogs into self serving, one side marketing weapons is a particularly tragic and odious practice.

Keeping it real

In this sense bloggers have a serious responsibility to their readers and the industry as a whole to ensure that the quality of their blog content is kept as high as possible while still working for them. Although the blog market is largely a self regulating environment where weak and shoddy work dies quickly, flung mud has the annoying tendency to stick tenaciously and the chance that blogs may loose their credibility as a result of manipulative practices does exist.

All is not doom and gloom though if recent trends towards producing a quality product in terms of blog content as opposed to worthless link buffers are any indication. And although the awareness among blog writers of the need for good blog content seems to be increasing, it is also up to the reader to apply conscientious consumerism in the interests of conserving the resource. If the content sucks don’t take any bait on offer, it’s that simple.