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Free Blog Content – Manna from Heaven

July 2, 2010 | Comments Off on Free Blog Content – Manna from Heaven


By Kenneth Middleton

Keeping your blog content fresh – The rose has thorns me thinks!

Every now and so often our lives shuffle forward to the next level of evolutionary development whether that be socially or in terms of technology, science or medicine. One of these recent shuffles saw the birth of the humble web log which was, at the time, meant to be no more than a simple, utilitarian tool. The blog, as it has come to be known, has developed into the cyber equivalent of gunpowder and gone on from those humble beginnings to become a one of the most effective marketing tools ever developed and is still growing.

This huge potential is, however, not self sustaining and if any blog is not kept updated with current and relevant content it withers and dies. And this is the thorny stem of the beautiful blogging rose. Maintaining that content integrity requires two things that most people don’t have in abundance – time and money.

Free automatic content – unicorn or thoroughbred?

The thorny issue of updating blogs must cause many a fevered dream of miraculously and endlessly re-generating content among long suffering bloggers. Oddly enough it doesn’t have to be a dream. Automated blog content generators have been liberating blog administrators for a while now with software that all but completely takes over the odious task of keeping blog content fresh.

These applications generally use pre-defined RSS feed sources to collect relevant information, assemble the articles and post them off to the chosen blogs. All one really has to do is a basic setup where the feed sources, keywords and blog destinations are set along with volumes and post frequencies. There rest happens on autopilot free up the administrator’s time and saving him any writer’s fees.

What about the free angle?

Although there are several packages that do this there is one that easily outruns the pack every time. BlogOverdrive is an excellent example of this type of software and in addition to an easy to use, flexible and powerful selection of features also has the benefit of including a free option which allows users 60 posts a month on the house.

This translates to 1 daily update for two blogs for a month. That would mean that the average recreational blogger with a single blog could update twice a day without ever bothering about updating his content again.

BlogOverdrive.com has put a great deal of research and development into this product as well as listening closely to the input of market players and the resultant product is out of the top drawer. The software does not require any downloads and runs from the supplier servers. This means you could access your service from home or from a laptop on your yacht in Antigua. How’s that for a dream come true!