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Simple, Automatically Generated Content for Blog Updates

June 27, 2010 | Comments Off on Simple, Automatically Generated Content for Blog Updates


By Kenneth Middleton

Marketing super-tool or sadistic tool of torture?

Most serious bloggers know the impact of keeping their stable updated with fresh, relevant material both in terms of time and money. This less than savoury task is also critical to the success of your blogs and is neglected at your peril. These points may not a particularly serious concern for the recreational, single blog pilgrim but are a major headache for the power blog community.

The fact that blogs have become one of the most powerful marketing weapons in anyone’s online arsenal is old hat with the steadily growing mass of blog converts a convincing testament to their efficacy. This phenomenon is still very much in its infancy though and just how far the blog rocket will take us is anyone’s guess.

One of blogging’s biggest draw cards is just how easy it can be to harness blog power with the only real down side being maintaining the connection. Constantly keeping you blog fresh often sees owners run ragged in the literary equivalent of a hamster wheel, never seeming to get anywhere or stop for a breather. There is sadly unnecessary though as there is a simple and effective alternative to the update treadmill.

Blogging on autopilot – Truth or fiction?

Automated content generation is no pipe dream and there are several automated blog content generators on the market that can, to varying degrees, relieve the blog owner of the tedious and often expensive task of updating their content. These applications typically function in a three tier fashion by first intercepting material, filtering the results and compiling the articles and lastly posting the content to the blogs.

All of these functions are carried out subject to a set of user defined parameters which include source identities, keyword definition and density, frequency of posts and post destinations. This can mean considerable freedom and flexibility for the user not to mention savings on writer’s fees.

Which program to choose?

As mentioned there is no shortage of theses application in circulation. One, however, has made a name for itself and continues to cement the same with each new user. BlogOverdrive has proven to be one of the most powerful, flexible and user friendly automated content generators for blog applications available. BlogOverdrive requires no software download and runs on the supplier’s servers. This means that you may access and monitor your account from any internet enabled PC anywhere, anytime.

BlogOverdrive is blogger designed for bloggers and is certainly the cream of the crop among these programs and features a full spread of user defined settings that make the remote administration of multiple blogs a breeze. With several pricing options available it is also one of the most cost effective. You can rest assured that once you have tried BlogOverdrive you will not know how you managed without it!