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Automated Blog Content – Cost Effective Blogging Made Easy

June 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Automated Blog Content – Cost Effective Blogging Made Easy


By Kenneth Middleton

Blogs are like pot plants really. Ok, it’s unlikely that your African violet is going to make you any money, as your blogs certainly can do, but just as the plant will wither and die if you neglect to water it, so will your blog if it is not fed a regular diet of fresh content. This is not only a tedious and time consuming exercise but can turn out to be very expensive into the bargain.

Should you choose to update your blogs manually you have to either write the content yourself or employ the services of a writer or several writers. If you are able to write the content yourself this can prove to consume more time than many have to give and if you have it done for you writers fees can quickly make unacceptable inroads into your bottom line.

Enter stage left – automated blog content

Let’s face it, regular, meaningful updates are essential to the success of any blog. The $1 M question is, of course, is there not an easier way to get it done. Fortunately the answer is a resounding yes. Automated blog content generation software is the knight on a white horse that so many bloggers have prayed for and can make the business of keeping your blog fresh easy, quick and cost effective.

These little wonders will interface effortlessly with publishing packages such as Nucleus, WordPress and Blogger while processing a selection of RSS fed source material. This allows for your blog to be updated with useful and fresh of the press material effortlessly and kills the blog update blues in their tracks.

So does this automated blog content knight have a name?

Indeed it does. The bloggers saviour in question is an automated blog content generator by blogoverdrive.com. Easy to use, flexible and efficient the BlogOverdrive product does not run from your machine so requires no downloads. For this reason you can access your service from any where an internet ready PC can be found.

A great deal of effort has been put into the development of this package and the input of industry players has been seriously taken to heart by BlogOverdrive. The result is a premium content generation program that can send your Google and Alexa ratings through the roof and have a fundamental effect on the amount of positive traffic your blog generates.

Are there other benefits to using automated blog software?

There are several benefits to using software such as blogoverdrive.com’s automated content generator that extend beyond the obvious convenience and increase in traffic. Any Adsense and affiliate activity you may have are also sure to improve which all makes the use of this type of program a sure fire winner.