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Automated Blog Content – Boost your Rankings on Autopilot

June 11, 2010 | Comments Off on Automated Blog Content – Boost your Rankings on Autopilot


By Kenneth Middleton

Wish there was a pill for the blog update blues?

Keeping your social blog fresh and current is a pain in the …well, you know what I mean. Doing the same for several commercial blogs can be tedious beyond measure. Not to mention painfully expensive. And we all know what happens to a blog when it’s allowed to stagnate. Rankings disappear through a hole in the floor followed closely by the potential revenues.

Keeping your content up to date usually involves producing the content yourself or having it written for you. For the recreational blogger with a social blog this may work, but for serious commercial operators writing new content is really not practical and the cost of having content written for you represents a serious overhead.

Automated blog content to the rescue.

So, keeping your blog updated is a necessary evil. Question is fellow bloggers, is there not a better blog update mousetrap out there? The good news is yes there is. Automated blog content is the bloggers elixir of life on steroids. An easy to use application that does away with the need to write your own content or hire writers to do it for you.

Automated blog content generators can interface with most popular blog software packages such as WordPress, Blogger and Nucleus and process RSS feeds from a host of sources. This keeps your content updated in a sensible and fully controllable fashion and really does knock the blog update headache right out the window.

Which Automated blog content software are we talking about here?

BlogOverdrive is one of the most advanced and user friendly auto blog content generators available. The software is easy to use and extremely efficient. The application does not require a software download and will allow the user to access the full power of the program from any internet enabled PC, anywhere and anytime. No patches or upgrades are needed and the application can even post RSS feeds to email.

BlogOverdrive.com has put a lot of research and effort into creating a truly effective and user friendly alternative to the traditional time intensive and costly methods of blog updating. The program will see the number of your site pages that get indexed by the big guns among the search engine fraternity increase, your Alexa and Google page rankings soar and boost both the quantity and quality of traffic your site sees.

What else can an automated blog content generator do for me?

Using BlogOverdrive.com can boost your bottom line in more ways than the obvious increase in sales due to traffic increases. Adsense revenues will also climb as will commissions made from affiliate program involvement. An all this on autopilot. All said using BlogOverdrive to manage your blog updates just makes too much sense to ignore.