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Automatic Blog Content – Automated Blog Update Solutions

June 1, 2010 | Comments Off on Automatic Blog Content – Automated Blog Update Solutions


By Kenneth Middleton

To blog or not to blog

I have heard it said that the blog phenomenon is highly overrated and doomed to die an ignoble and obscure death. The doomsayer authors of these quotes are clearly not aware of the immense and still largely untapped benefits of blog exposure and just how much online commercial activity has its source in the humble blog.

The old saying that knowledge is power has never been as relevant as when applied to blogging. The raw power of large scale, global exposure can never be underestimated and is going nowhere but forward. For this reason it is essential for bloggers to maximise the potential of their blogs by keeping their content fresh and useful.

This, in itself, poses a problem for many commercial blog administrators in that managing multiple blogs places considerable pressure on their time and wallets. Daily updates for half a dozen active blogs can eat up hours of valuable time and cost thousands of dollars every year. Writers also come and go making it difficult to maintain continuity in the theme or feel of your blog. Having third parties accessing your blog can also prove to be a headache.

Is there an easier way to manage my blog content?

In the past blog content was written either by the blog administrator or by third party writers. These time consuming and expensive methods are fortunately no longer the only options available to bloggers. Automated blog content generators can now update blog content with RSS fed material without any input from the administrator. The content is kept current according to user defined parameters making this option flexible and user friendly in addition to being very convenient.

The RSS feeds used are filtered using a set of predefined keywords so bloggers can be sure that the material being posted is hitting the sweet spot and the frequency of these updates is also user defined. In addition the original feed material is linked back further enhancing SE rankings.

How do I choose an automated blog content generator?

BlogOverdrive.com has dedicated considerable resources to the development of BlogOverdrive. The application offers users superior flexibility and functionality in an easy to use package. The software does not need to be downloaded or locally installed which makes remote access a breeze.

The application also features several choices of service level to suit all pockets. The free account option allows the user 60 posts and the top level option a whopping 2000 posts. Upgrading is also simple and quick should you decide to step up the process and once you’re up and running you will really wonder how you ever got by without BlogOverdrive.