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Remote Control Content for Blogs

May 23, 2010 | Comments Off on Remote Control Content for Blogs


By Kenneth Middleton

The great blog update quandary.

You all know the story. Your blog is doing well, so well in fact that you are considering adding another to your stable. Or perhaps a couple more. Problem is though you can’t because keeping number one current with updated content is taking up all your time. So how would you possibly keep 2 or more running properly?

You could always hire a writer to do it for you, but that would eat into the revenue to the point that having the blogs running may not make sense any more. A thorny predicament indeed. In an ideal world, where gas still costs 20c a gallon and blogs miraculously updated themselves, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Automated blog content! You’re joking, right?

I don’t know about a world were you could fill the old Mustang for $20, but automated content for blogs is actually a reality. There are software packages that will tap into designated RSS feeds, rustle up all the right content, compile it into articles that not only make sense but hit the bull’s-eye market wise every time, and post it to the blog of your choice automatically. That’s right, no input from you whatsoever.

Long the most fervent dream of all serious bloggers, automated content for blogs has arrived with a vengeance. Making use of a set of user defined parameters, these applications will sit quietly in the background and ensure that your blogs are fed a steady, high value diet of fresh, current content with very little management required from you.

Actually, once you have set the parameters for where the software gets the information, what keywords it will use to filter it and the frequency and location of the update input, there really isn’t anything else to do at all.

So where do I get it?

The best choice of automated blog content is an application supplied by BlogOverdrive.com. This package is user friendly, simple to manage and has a wide range of user defined settings that makes it the benchmark for similar applications.

BlogOverdrive is a no-download program that is run from the parent server so you have no download or installation hassles and can log into the service from anywhere and at anytime. There are several cost effective services options that include a free option allowing for 60 updates a month and a top of the range option that allows for 2,000 updates.

The software settings allow for a great range of control regarding how the program updates your blogs making it not only hugely useful but very flexible to boot. And who knows, perhaps you’ll save enough money on your blog updates to drive the V8 occasionally after all!