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Automatically Generated Content for Blog Updates – Myth or Reality

May 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Automatically Generated Content for Blog Updates – Myth or Reality


By Kenneth Middleton

Auto Blogging – Unicorn or Race Horse?

Having the content of your blog updated automatically without having to sit for hours researching and writing up posts or incurring the cost of having a writer do it for you is every bloggers dream. And let’s face it, nothing kills a blog quicker than stale content, so keeping your content fresh is not negotiable.

The blog phenomenon is undoubtedly one of the biggest things to happen to online marketing and product exposure. Its true power has taken many people completely by surprise and only now is its true potential becoming apparent. To effectively tap into this vast resource is not hard (one of blogging’s biggest attractions), the difficult part is managing the multiple blogs once they are up and running.

Administrators find themselves run hard to keep their blogs competitive and the process of keeping the content current often takes on the character of a literary hamster wheel. Bloggers have long dreamed of self regulating blogs that somehow kept themselves up to date. The question, however, has always been “how could this be made possible”.

Automated content for blog administrators.

Well, like the proverbial pot ‘o gold at the end of the rainbow, automated blog generators have burst upon the blog scene and the answer to those many prayers now seems to be a reality. Software the intercepts RSS fed information from pre-defined sources and uses it to structure solid, useful articles which are then posted to the blogs of choice automatically are here and here to stay.

Giving bloggers the freedom to pay attention to the real business at hand while their existing blogs run like well oiled perpetual machines unattended, these applications have taken blogging to the next level and redefined the boundaries of what is possible with this wondrous resource.

And who should we thank?

BlogOverdrive.com supplies one of the best such applications available today that not only offers the previously mentioned benefits to the serious blogger, but does so in a user friendly and flexible manner. The software is run from the supplier’s servers and is thus very much in line with current hosted application trends. No downloads are required and the service is accessible from any location where internet access is possible.

The user of BlogOverdrive is able to personalize the service, defining where the program gets the information used, which keywords are used to define the acquisition and when, how frequently and to which sources it is posted. And all this from the comfort of a hammock on a beach should he or she so wish. All I would say is an enthusiastic “Thank you BlogOverdrive!”